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Participation in community,
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Assist Travel/Transport


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Household Tasks



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Disability Support

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Elderly Home Care Services for Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a charming suburb nestled in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, is home to a vibrant community of approximately 9,500 residents. Spanning across an area of 4.5 sq. km., Edinburgh thrives with trade workers, laborers, and professionals dedicated to community and personal services. Among them, ATeam Care Services stands tall, offering essential Elderly Home Care Services for Edinburgh.

ATeam Care Services is a trusted care service provider that specialises in meeting the unique needs of elderly individuals, both in the short and long term. Our compassionate team ensures that seniors receive high-quality care within the comfort of their own homes as they navigate the challenges that come with aging. Since our establishment in 2018, ATeam Care Services has become a beacon of excellence, bridging the gap between advanced home care services and traditional nursing homes.

Recognised nationwide for our exceptional standards, we have gained the trust and accreditation of clients across Adelaide and beyond. Whether it is home nursing or respite care at our well-appointed assisted living facilities for Edinburgh, we remain committed to providing superior levels of care for the elderly, always ensuring their happiness and well-being.

Our Disability & Support Services for Edinburgh

Disability Support for Edinburgh

ATeam Care Services caters to elderly disabilities regardless of severity. Our highly trained disability support caregivers for Edinburgh are always available 24 hours to provide care for the disabled....

We recognize that each case is unique and our professional staff understands the importance of living an independent life despite disability. We provide a range of services for people with disabilities so that they can live as normal or near normal as possible.

We aim to provide life skills training, personal care, and companionship to ensure that our customers are given all the support they require. We want our clients to live life to its fullest potential no matter what situation they are in.

Development of daily living and life skills for Edinburgh

Elderly individuals who may have poor eyesight, hearing loss, or arthritis have difficulties doing basic tasks such as bathing, preparing food, and even doing hobbies that they like. It’s a good thing that ATeam Care Services is here to help make life easier and we can come to the rescue with providing better quality of life and help to manage any lifestyle challenges they are experiencing ...

Since we started, we have provided clients with the skills to cope with simple tasks that they may not have been able to do for quite some time. Our goal is to reduce clients' dependence on family members, caretakers, and even living in institutionalized homes.

This is how we envision the future for our clients: a life without barriers and worries. Our history of assisting our clients to gain independence is one of the most significant signs of our successes here at ATeam Care Services.

Management of funding for support in participations plan for Edinburgh

ATeam Care Services provides support and services in Edinburgh for people who cannot handle their finances independently due to old age and many other factors. One of our key objectives is to encourage individuals to become more independent and live an active lifestyle through participation and involvement without worrying about managing their participation plans. We provide assistance with understanding what is available for their funding of participation plans and provide various options to choose from. ...

We allocate time to discuss plans with clients, caregivers, and consultants to help them agree on a common vision for their future. We believe this is vital for us to help them see the bigger picture and understand that this is about their own lives and not just about their finances. Rest assured that our team at ATeam Care Services can take care of your loved one with the help of our friendly staff, professional caregivers, cheerful counsellors, and caring therapists. You can be at peace knowing your loved one is in good hands as we care for them with our professional attention, top-of-the-line facilities, and individualized plan for each of their needs.

Participation in community, social and civic activities for Edinburgh

While some elderly individuals may lose interest in doing things they love, we present them with various activities that keep their minds sharp and spirits high. That way, they will have the chance to contribute back to people around them, which is very important in ageing...

ATeam Care Services believes that our community is a better place to live with our Edinburgh seniors' level of participation in society's development. We organize major events such as volunteer work and community-building projects to inspire our patients' self-esteem and complete independence despite their health situation.

Our team also participates in social gatherings so that our patients can have time to catch up with their social lives. We do this by providing opportunities for them and their families and friends to be together regularly to strengthen family bonds.

Assist Travel/Transport for Edinburgh

Whether it be assistance going to family gatherings, religious activities, or recreational establishments, ATeam Care Services is at your service! We provide travel and transport services for Edinburgh to ensure the independence of people with limited mobility...

Our drivers are licensed and they are trained to understand the specific needs of our customers. They are carefully selected from among dependable and trustworthy individuals who can work well with people of different backgrounds. Depending on the client's requirements, we offer one-way or round-trip services. Clients are free to choose between standalone service or additional support upon request. We provide travel and transport services for any occasion.

Assistance with daily life task in a group or shared living arrangement for Edinburgh

Some elderly individuals may need assistance with their daily life tasks, especially if they are living alone or do not have caregivers who can assist them with daily tasks. For this reason, we offer shared living arrangements with relief care services to ensure seniors are safe when doing their daily routine tasks for a healthy life...

It would help emotionally and socially if elderly individuals live among people of their age. Luckily, ATeam Care Services provides the perfect solution by helping the elderly to live a fulfilled life as part of a shared living community. We offer various types of accommodation for our clients depending on their requirements and needs. This ranges from support for day-to-day activities with one or two peers to full-time residential services required by some seniors with more complex health issues.

Household Tasks for Edinburgh

Every family has different household needs and requirements. Depending on their specific needs, ATeam Care Services can supply services such as:

a. Laundry Service - We assist our clients with their laundry needs. We provide dry cleaning, ironing, and washing services to ensure that the whole family is always well-dressed even while managing busy schedules....

b. Maid Service - Our maids are ready to clean your home at a day's notice or on a scheduled basis. They can also do some house chores such as taking care of the garden, phoning repairmen, and even doing grocery shopping.

c. Preparing Meals - Some of our clients are not well equipped to prepare meals due to poor vision or lack of mobility. Our patients can send their instructions and we will do the rest.

d. Pet Care - Some of our elderly clients may have a pet that they have not taken care of for quite some time now. Rest assured that we will take care of the pet’s needs such as feeding, bathing, and training when its owner is not able to look after it. Our patients deserve to enjoy their golden years in a pleasant environment surrounded by people they can trust. We aim to provide that kind of care at ATeam Care Services.

Interpret/Translate for Edinburgh

At ATeam Care Services, we are committed to ensuring that all our elderly patients can be treated with honesty and transparency. With this, we provide interpretation and translation services for all of our patients in Edinburgh. We make sure that our customers who do not speak English or who are deaf understand what we are saying to them...

Our interpreters/translators are highly-trained to ensure a smooth transfer of ideas between family members or caregivers and elderly patients. We make sure our staff is reliable and professional to ensure that only qualified individuals can work with our elderly patients and families.