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Development of daily living and life skills for Andrews Farm

ATeam Care Services provides services for individuals that focus on assisted daily living and the development of life skills.

Daily tasks such as food preparation, bathing, and grooming can be challenging for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. By acquiring support for daily living activities and self-help skills from our care providers, elderly individuals can develop independence and improve their quality of life.

Management of funding for support in participations plan for Andrews Farm

Our team at ATeam Care Services can assist with the management of funding for participation plans of elderly individuals who cannot manage their finances on their own. We understand that navigating funding and support services can be overwhelming, which is why we offer professional guidance and support in managing these resources for our clients.

Participation in community, social and civic activities for Andrews Farm

Our services also extend to supporting elderly individuals in participating in community, social, and civic activities that promote their well-being and independence. We believe that social engagement is a crucial part of healthy aging, and our care providers here at ATeam Care Services are committed to promoting the participation of those we serve in activities they enjoy and align with their interests.

Assist Travel/Transport for Andrews Farm

We offer transportation assistance for elderly individuals who require support getting to medical appointments, social engagements, or family gatherings. This service from ATeam Care Services is designed to offer safe and reliable transportation options for those who may have mobility challenges or need extra support.

Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement for Andrews Farm

For those who are living in a group or shared living arrangement, our care providers can offer assistance with daily living tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care. Our team at ATeam Care Services understands that living in group arrangements can present unique challenges for elderly individuals, which is why we provide compassionate and professional support to promote a safe and comfortable living environment.

Household Tasks for Andrews Farm

Our care providers can assist with household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and other home maintenance activities. Elderly individuals may experience difficulties in managing these tasks on their own, and our ATeam Care Services providers are trained to provide the necessary support to maintain a clean and organized living environment for our clients.

Interpret/Translate for Andrews Farm

Communication barriers can be a challenge for elderly individuals with hearing problems or limited English proficiency, which is why ATeam Care Services offers interpretation and translation services. Our care providers can bridge the gap in communication with medical professionals, family members, and clients by interpreting or translating conversations as needed.

Disability Support for Andrews Farm

For elderly individuals with disabilities, ATeam Care Services offers dedicated support to help them maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Our care providers can assist with personal care tasks, mobility support, and other activities of daily living to ensure our clients with disabilities have the necessary support to live comfortably and happily.